Terms and Conditions


Images used on the HWWO Stock website come from 3d models HWWO Stock has created from personal merchant resources or resources coming from online big stock websites with 3D content. Rendered images coming from other 3D modelers and 3D digital creators come with their consent or under a specific license that allows this use.

The Vendors from those markets represent and warrant that they legally possess the power to grant the Buyer the related Licenses.

HWWO stock is not responsible in any case if any of the purchased items from the big stock markets have not followed all the necessary copyright or trademark policies. Even though HWWO Stock is trying to double-check with any content that uploads, we cannot always guarantee its origins. This includes and is not limited to 3D clothes, 3D props, 3D scenes, 2D textures etc.


a) For personal or commercial use, for unlimited prints and media exposure, in a variety of projects such as book covers, print on demand products, social media banners, advertising, and website promotion.

b) You may use or copyright any newly created work using the purchased downloadable files if :

1) The original files are not being shared or distributed in any way or any format.
2) The characters, objects, 2D graphics, and backgrounds/images purchased from HWWO Stock are incorporated into completely new work and the new work does not compete with the original products.
5)The files will be saved only for individual use and not on peer-to-peer and file-sharing networks.


a) You shall not redistribute the purchased downloadable files, for sale or for free, in whole or in part, or in any other way.

b) Characters, objects, and 2d graphics cannot be used as stand-alone figures for Logos, trademarks, print-on-demand items, and as the company's ID, as they cannot also be used as stand-alone items/figures for any other type of commercial use. You have to contact HWWO Stock for any special request.

c) Products sold at HWWO Stock shall not be used to showcase illegal or otherwise discriminating content.

d) HWWO Stock images cannot be used by more than one user. For teams and organisations you need to contact HWWO Stock to create a specific system according to your team's needs.

HWWO Stock and the creators of the original products are the copyright holders and retain all copyrights to the Products and their files. The Buyer has not purchased any ownership rights of the content.

By purchasing a downable file from HWWO Stock you automatically purchase a license to use its content according to HWWO Stock's terms of use.


a) By purchasing a cover art from HWWO Stock you automatically purchase an exclusive license. After your purchase the artwork cannot be sold again.

b) All images come without any fonts/title, you can add or hire a designer to add your own fonts/title and you are also allowed to make some modifications. (some restrictions apply, see below in the prohibited uses)

c) Most of the images are being made with 3D rendered elements by HWWO Stock and are being processed in Photoshop. HWWO Stock owns the rights for them and holds the necessary licenses/permissions for any external resources used in the artworks.

d) Cover arts purchased from HWWO Stock allow unlimited prints and online media exposure.


a) You shall not redistribute the purchased downloadable files, for sale or for free, in whole or in part, or in any other way, unless it is for the allowed modifications, which are being mentioned below [par.(d)]

b) Products sold at HWWO Stock shall not be used for illegal or otherwise discriminating content

c) HWWO Stock images can be used by more than one user for the only purpose of adding fonts and make the allowed modifications, as they are being explained below. That includes but not limited to Publishing Houses, designers and organizations. The buyer is responsible to use and share the original files according to HWWO Stock Terms of Use.

d) You are not allowed to make significant changes to the overall art and claim it as your own, the same applies to any appointee, Publishing House or designer.

Allowed modifications are considered the following :
1. Adding legit fonts/typography
2. Shadows or textures in order to highlight the fonts/title
3. Resizing the file for printing, or for any online use

*HWWO Stock is not responsible for any illegal use of the purchased artwork or for any unauthorized or illegitimate use of elements such as and not limited to fonts, overlays, stock images, or any other components used to modify the original art.

e) HWWO Stock owns the rights for the artwork even after the allowed modifications (fonts, shadows etc).

By purchasing a downable cover art from HWWO Stock you automatically agree with the above Terms Of Use.

HWWO Stock and its owner reserves the right to make changes to this license agreement at any time.

Thank you!