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This website and its platform PhotoDeck are using Cookies to facilitate its performance and its visitors' navigation.  

What are web cookies ? 
Cookies are text files that the website is saving on your device ( pc, laptop, mobile phone etc ) when you visit the site. This way, the website remembers your actions and preferences, so you do not have to repeat them every time you visit the website or navigate throughout the different sections. 
A few examples of those actions among others are your login information, like your username, password, address, or items that you might have saved as favorites on your list of products or in your cart, while it enables you to continue browsing. For more detailed description on what is HTTP cookies you can find more here

By accepting the use of cookies will improve your overall web browsing experience, while declining cookies could potentially interfere with your use of the website. 

How do we use cookies ? 
This website is built on and is being hosted by the PhotoDeck platform. You can find PhotoDeck's Cookie Policy here

Furthermore, for the website's payment services we use PayPal and Stripe for payment with cards.

Their Cookie Policies, which we are not responsible for might also apply via your transactions through our website. 

Both of those third party Cookie Policies can be found via the links below :

Lastly, we may also have cookies for our social media platforms ( facebook, instagram etc) which facilitate the process of  sharing content from our website to your pages or social media accounts. 

How to control cookies

You can control and clear all cookies from your computer if you like. Inside the link below you will find the information you need in order to do so, according to your country. .

By deleting cookies from your device potentially you might have to add manually information to the site every time you are visiting or you need to proceed in a purchase. As we mentioned, most of the data saved by cookies is being used to make sure you navigate throughout the website faster and easier. For more info on how else we use your personal info and data please make sure you read our privacy policy