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Privacy Policy


HWWO Stock is committed to protect the privacy and personal data of its website's users. We only collect and process personal data in ways that the law allows it.  

HWWO Stock is a website build on and hosted by PhotoDeck platform. You can learn more in detail how the platform is storing and securing its users personal data from the links below

In addition to the use of data for technical reasons and for the website's best performance, HWWO Stock's private associates from the reputable legal and accounting Swedish company Fyrklöven are also coming in contact with payment information and client information from receipts and invoices, as a result from our clients' transactions and payments via our website.

Any printed data is being kept secure by HWWO Stock in a lockable safe box for our company's annual accounting responsibilities according to the Swedish Financial Law. For more specific information on how our associates from Fyrklöven  protect your personal info please feel free to contact us 

The client's information that appear on the receipts and on the invoices is being downloaded directly to an external disk drive or USB stick from our website's hosted platform PhotoDeck and is being given directly to our accountant from Fyrklöven company. A back-up USB stick or a disk drive may also be used as a storage for the specific data, (receipts and invoices) which is being kept in a lockable safe box. As a company HWWO Stock is obliged by the Swedish Financial Law to keep our clients' invoices and receipts with their personal info for a maximum of 10 years. 

HWWO Stock may also use or disclosure a client's personal data if required to do so by law or if we believe that such action is necessary to protect and defend the rights, property or personal safety of the Company, its Content, the Website or its visitors.


We use Stripe's services for payment with cards. You can find all the details for their Privacy Policy and how they secure and they use personal data on the link below

We use PayPal's services to facilitate online transactions for customers with a PayPal account. You can find all the details for PayPal's Privacy Policy and how they use and secure personal data on the link below

HWWO Stock and its platform PhotoDeck are not responsible on how the Third Parties are storing and protecting personal information. Any questions in relation to the use of personal info from those transactions must be addressed directly to PayPal and Stripe.  


Please make sure you know your rights in relation to your personal data via the link below

Contact us for any concern you may have about your personal data, or in order to update or correct the data that you have shared with us. 

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