1. Can your content be used by more than one user? 

No, our content is intended for one user only. Feel free to contact us and we will set up a specific system according to your team's needs. 

2. Are the images and the overlays ready for printing? 

It depends on your printer's service, the size of the print, and the quality standards that you are after. Most of the images on HWWO Stock are at 72dpi resolution and RGB color value, these are the standard settings for most of the render engines. Even though the system from our platform might show on the images 300dpi, it is not accurate. Unfortunately, this is an automatic setting that we cannot change.  

3. Do I need to purchase a different license for specific commercial uses?

No. All products from HWWO Stock are provided with a Royalty-Free/Extended License, allowing for unlimited prints and media usage. No additional license is needed. With a single purchase, you are granted the freedom to use the acquired images for an unlimited number of times and projects.

4. Can I use the overlays and the background images on print-on-demand sites or printing on items? 

As stated in our Terms of Use, our products may be utilized only when our images and overlays are integrated into an entirely new creation of your own. This new creation must comprise at least three to four additional distinct elements. Book cover designers and photo-manipulation artists are accustomed to this method. The guidelines in this paragraph are primarily directed at individuals who extensively use 2D content for print-on-demand merchandise for commercial purposes.

5. Why do you need all that personal info before I proceed with my purchase?

I am obliged to do so for my accounting. The postal address is required especially in cases where the client is a business, in order to be able to submit accurate info for my accounting in my country, according to the Swedish Tax Agency. You can see more on how HWWO Stock and its platform are collecting and protecting your personal data on our Privacy Policy page. 

6. Do you offer refunds? 

No. Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds on digital downloads. After your purchase, you have automatic access to the files of the purchased content. That means that you can download the files and use them whenever you want without being able to return them, as we use to do with the physical items. We strongly suggest that you take a good look at the images and if you are in doubt or have any questions, please feel free to contact us before you proceed with your purchase. 

7. When should I expect a reply to my e-mail?

Replies to your quotations or questions can take up to 24-48 hours, especially during the weekends. 

8. What is a quotation and when can I use it? 

A quotation is a discount price that we offer when you create a collection of 15 different single images/overlays as a minimum total. You will find your collection under My Account and My Favorites. At the bottom of this page, you will find the option '' Request a quotation for this selection ''. This option will lead you to the quotation form. After you have sent us your request for a quotation we respond with a recommended price depending on the number of products in your collection. We usually add a 5 days deadline, if you need more days you can let us know in your description inside the quotation form. It is important to add in the description your e-mail and the country from which you are making the purchase from. 

Replies to your quotations can take up to 24-48 hours, especially during the weekends. 

9. Do you make custom renders or custom 3D models?

Sometimes we are open for commission, feel free to contact us. 

Otherwise, you can always send us your suggestions for future content you would like to see on the store. It is always a pleasure to receive inspiration from your ideas and preferences. 

If you have more questions feel free to contact us https://www.hwwostock.com/contact